23.9.2020: SWAP: Organized clothes exchange between coworkers - 8C08 -Board Room

  • The aim of this activity is to create a space where you can bring nice and clean clothes that you no longer wear. In return, you can choose anything you like. SWAP is one of the alternatives to organic shopping, through which you can ecologically renew your wardrobe. Clothing that does not find a new owner during this activity will be used for charity or recycled. Registration is not necessary, you can come anytime.

29.9.2020: Body composition measurement: 8C13-Team room

  • During body composition measurement you’ll learn how is your body composed: skeletal muscle weight, total body and visceral fat percentage, body water and resting metabolic rate. All results will be explained and you’ll get brief recommendations.

30.9.2020: Ophthalmologist - Visual field measurement: 8E06-Connect room

  • During examination the ophthalmologist measures the extent of patient's visual field, detects the extent of peripheral vision of each eye, and assesses possible changes in the visual field. Measured results are explained and set the optimum procedure for eliminating possible visual disturbances.