11.3.2021: Individual consultation with immunologist / allergologist

  • Ask a skilled doctor anything that concerns or interests you regarding your symptoms, immune system or allergies. Language availability: slovak.

16.3.2021: ECO: Slow food: How to cook delicious and healthy food from leftovers

  • About 40% of the minucipal waste produced, is compostable. And majority of this compostable waste comes from the kitchen. Most of us can relate - you cook 3 or 4 different meals during the week and you end up with 2 potatoes left, one carrot, one ginger... And you tell yourself "I will use these in the following days"... A lot of times the ingredients end up rotten in the trash can. We will show you, how you can avoid these situations and tell you about delicious and healthy recipes you can preprare from the leftovers you already have at home. Language availability: slovak, english.

17.3.2021: Individual consultation with psychotherapist

  • Certified and skilled psychotherapist can help you with your problems wether it's work-related, you need to figure out something in your relationships or you want to talk about your emotions. This session is confidential, duration 50-55 minutes. Language availability: slovak, english and spanish.

25.3.2021: Lecture: Conflict as a base unit of strengthening your relationships

  • Conflicts and disagreements are a common part of every relationship - partner, family or work. During this lecture, you will learn how to talk about conflicts and solve them, so that they don't harm your relationships, but quite the opposite. Duration 60 to 90 minutes. Language availability: slovak, english.